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Scent Work Games 1, 2, & 3 Classes are $200 each, meet for five weeks, and have a maximum enrollment of four dogs. Our four dog limit ensures you get the individual attention and coaching that you and your dog deserve. We won't rush you through a class plan so we can check off a list of cues. It's more important to help you understand why and how to train behaviors.

There are no prerequisites for enrollment in Scent Work Games 1 class.


Unless your instructor tells you otherwise, all classes meet at the R+K9 training facility at 2637 Papermill Road (behind Anderson Roofing) in Winchester, VA. 

Choke chain, prong, and shock collars are not permitted in our training facility.

Our classes are a little different.

Scent Work Games 1

This scent work class will teach you and your dog how to work as a team to locate a hidden odor. Typically, food is used as both the hidden odor as well as the reinforcer however, in certain cases a dog's favorite non-squeaky toy can also be used. This class is appropriate for all dogs from older puppies all the way to senior dogs. It's also a great class for building confidence in shy dogs. This class is a perfect primer class for dogs preparing for training in competition scent work as the skill of searching (seeking) is broken down and taught through simple steps which will build durable seeking behavior when the target odor is added later.  All dogs will benefit from both mental enrichment and physical exercise.

There are no prerequisites for this class.


Scent Work Games 2

Scent Work Games 2 continues by adding additional difficulty to interior searches such as thresholds, heights and corners. Some hides will be inaccessible and dogs will work on developing indicating behaviors. Hides will be food or in some cases the a non-squeaky toy. Students will learn how to read their dog's indicating behavior and when to step in for support. 



Scent Work Games 3

SWG3 reviews and builds on interior searches.  Student/dog teams will begin work on container searches. Food/toys are still used as the hides and reinforcers. The focus of container searches will be on further developing indicating behavior in the dogs. Attention will be giving to teaching dogs how not to crush containers but instead learn to simply indicate hides. 



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