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Support Service Dog Teams

Training service dogs takes approximately two years. Dogs must train to have excellent manners in public settings such as walking next to their handler in all places and transportation, ignoring other dogs, children, people, sounds, smells and remaining focused on their hander.
Then dogs must train to task for their handlers. Recognizing and alerting to various medical conditions, assisting by retrieving items, comforting their handlers using specific methods, getting help, and many more. 
R+K9 trains all appropriate service dog tasks, and continually monitors the health and temperament of the dogs to ensure they can handle the rigorous training comfortably.  Once the dogs are trained, we then work with the handler and train them how to handle their dogs in all situations.
While R+K9 offers competitive pricing for service dog training, two years of training is a substantial investment. You can support service dog teams we train by donating directly to their GoFundMe. All money donated goes directly to their fund and helps pay for their dog's training. Click on a team and read their story and support them if you can. 
Service Dog Team Shannon & Archie Belle
shannon archie.webp

Click the link to read about Shannon and Archie's story.

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